Microwave, RF & LF Signal Sources & Sensor Systems

Spectral Line Systems Ltd

Research, Custom Design & Manufacture

Low Noise Sensor

System Front End Design

For a wide range of applications, including Radar, Sonar, Optical and Electro-Mechanical Systems.

High Spectral Purity

Signal Sources

For Local Oscillator, Transmitter and Instrumentation Applications.

500MHz Source

DC to Microwave Capability

Including Spectrum Analysis up to 26 GHz.

Wide Market Sector Coverage

Land-Based, Airborne, Maritime, Sub-Sea. Industrial, Scientific, Instrumentation, Agricultural, Medical, Defence and Education.

Our Services include Design, Prototyping and Manufacture of Production and Pre-Production Batches. We are also able to perform Contract Manufacture and assist in the improvement of existing systems, including the provision of EMC Solutions.

Established 1990