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Analogue, LF, RF & Microwave Engineering in Scotland

Analogue, LF, RF & Microwave System Improvement & Troubleshooting

Analogue, LF RF & Microwave Consultancy & Design

Analogue, LF, RF & Microwave Sub-Systems

Analogue, LF, RF and Microwave Modules

Analogue, LF and RF Circuit Development Kits

Courses for Industry in LF, RF, & Microwave Electronics

Discriminator Stabilised Microwave & RF Sources

EMC Consultancy and Solutions

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing

Filters, Active & Passive, LF & RF

Local Oscillator Sub-Systems

Low Noise Signal Sources

Low Noise Audio & RF Amplifiers

Low Phase Noise Crystal Oscillators

Low Phase Noise VCOs and VCXOs

Microwave & RF Sub-Systems

Microwave & RF Frequency Sources

Microwave, RF & LF Spectrum & Network Analysis Facilities

Packaging Solutions for Analogue, LF, RF & Microwave Electronics

Packing Case Manufacture for Delicate Equipment

PCB Layout & Screening for Good Analogue, RF and Microwave Performance

Rapid Prototyping of Analogue, RF and Microwave Systems

Research & Development

RFID Project Assistance

Test Gear Design & Manufacture

Testing of Analogue, LF, RF & Microwave Systems

Transmitters and Receivers for Optical and Infra-Red Systems

Transmitters and Receivers for Radar, Sonar and Ultrasonic Systems

Ultra-Low Phase Noise Microwave and RF Signal Sources

Underwater Camera Systems

University Engineering Laboratory Student and Research Project Hardware

Utility Pole Testing Hammers

If you have a requirement or problem in any aspect of Analogue, LF, RF or Microwave Engineering, please feel free to contact us. The best method of contact is an initial e-mail to say who you are, who you work for and a brief description of your need. Please provide a telephone number, as discussing things by phone is much more efficient than sending e-mails back and forward!