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Spectral Line Systems Ltd

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Spectral Line Systems Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality analogue, radio frequency and microwave electronics for a wide range of professional markets.

Our products tend to fall into three main categories:

* Sensor System Front Ends

* System Signal Sources

* Transmitters

We have particular expertise in design for low noise and high spectral purity, which is frequently a prime requirement in the above systems.




Almost all of our products are custom designed to meet customer's exact requirements with regard to content, performance and packaging. We offer this service regardless of whether the order is for a one-off or for a substantial production run.

Custom design does not necessarily imply high cost. We have a large library of standard proven designs and techniques, and are often able to draw upon this stock to provide an efficient and low cost route to meeting the requirement.


We manufacture all of our products in-house, production runs varying from small batches to several hundred. Design for reliable and cost effective production is an important part of our business.

All stages of design and production are subject to a strict quality control system, ensuring that the customer receives a product which will function reliably throughout its service life.