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Typical Curikela RF Circuit Kit
Kit Contents with Baseplates removed
Parts Trays containing connectors. pins, screws, etc.
Kit Modules mounted on Baseplate supplied

Sold under the brand name of “Curikela” (pronounced "coor é kéla") Spectral Line Systems Ltd manufactures RF Development Kits for use in universities, colleges and industrial training. Although primarily intended for educational use, the kits also find applications in research and development work and in the construction of specialised production test equipment. The name “Curikela” is derived from the Scottish Gaelic "Cuir ri Cheile“, meaning "to assemble”.


Curikela RF Circuit Kits are based on a comprehensive directory of commonly used RF circuit designs. Each page in the directory contains a circuit diagram, design notes and at least one PCB layout for the design. An extract from the directory may be viewed in pdf format. Extract from directory.pdf


Printed circuit boards for all of the layouts shown in the directory are supplied with the kit. The boards are designed such that they may be cascaded in any order within precision machined aluminium alloy housings pre-drilled and tapped for the installation of SMA connectors and feed-through capacitors.


Completed housings may be mounted on a baseplate drilled with a rectangular matrix of holes at 10mm pitch. The design of the housings is such that they may be directly inter-connected with SMA male to male coaxial adaptors when mounted on the baseplate.


The complete kit is supplied in a rugged beech case. With the exception of electronic components, everything necessary for the assembly of RF systems based on the PCBs supplied is included, enabling construction to proceed rapidly without any metalworking or PCB manufacturing operations.


The content of each kit is individually tailored to each customer's need, according to academic requirement and budget.