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Frequency Multiplier Design by Cascading Library Boards
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Full Custom Design One-off Source

Custom Designed Frequency Sources and Sensor Systems form around 75% of the Company's business. This type of design work usually involves adapting an existing design to meet the customer's particular requirements in respect of configuration, performance and packaging.

Alternatively, where there is no existing overall design similar to that required, the system can be built up from proven circuitry and modules. We possess a large library of such items, enabling efficient design with a minimum of new R & D being required for each project. We are therefore able to quote firm prices for almost all such work.

Design Projects vary enormously in complexity and hence time to completion. Straightforward adaptations of existing designs for commercial purposes may take only a few days or weeks, whereas a complex systems project often runs through several years, involving experimental and pre-production trials models before final drawings are signed off for production.

Our Design Knowledge lies mainly in the fields of Microwave, RF, LF, and Mechanical work. Where a software or digital hardware element is necessary we have a collaborative arrangement with Tirna Electronics Ltd, who have a wealth of experience in these areas.

Designing for Production is a serious part of our business, years of experience having shown that designing a new product for reliable operation and cost-effective, trouble-free manufacturing is often more challenging than the initial step of getting the prototype to work on the lab bench.

In the case of relatively complex custom designed products, production quantities rarely exceed 100 off in our particular line of business. Having successfully completed a number of major production runs for demanding systems applications, we are fully confident of our ability in this area. Our current News item, "End of Service Life for SLS Frequency Source" shows one such example.

Production Runs for simpler items may reach several hundred, our maximum quantity of a single product to date being 400 off over several years.