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Navigation System Receiver / Local Oscillator Sub-System

Spectral Line Systems Ltd has designed and manufactured a wide variety of microwave and RF sub-systems. The photograph above, for example, shows a receiver / local oscillator unit designed for use in a navigation system.


Typical Sub-System RF Module Underside
Typical Sub-System RF Module Circuitry Side

Note that the construction, although compact, allows full access to all of the input and output signals on each module, greatly simplifying servicing. Another noteworthy feature of all of our sources and sub-systems is that each unit carries a label providing full details of all DC, logic and RF input and output signals, avoiding the need for the service engineer to consult manuals while performing field tests.


A further advantage of the above construction is that all semi-rigid coaxial cables are formed as U-pieces, enabling their removal and replacement without risk of damage, and without having to loosen any housings. This interconnection principle is firmly adhered to in all of our products.


The photographs to the right show a typical RF module from a sub-system such as that shown above. Building in narrow linear channels wherever possible minimises signal leakage, and is important in all RF work, especially in the case of sources and receivers. Note also that the design allows all of the filters to be tuned with the covers in place on the circuitry side of the module.


Once completed, all sub-systems are exceptionally thoroughly tested to ensure full compliance with the specification, the complete set of test results being despatched with the unit, along with a Certificate of Conformance.