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Our reputation and hence continuing business prospects depend heavily on ensuring that a reliable product is delivered to the customer. Effective quality control is essential to achieving this end.


Quality control starts at the design stage. Since engineers' working log books can be difficult to interpret at a later date (even by the author!), all initial design work and breadboard results for a project are formally documented in the form of typed up reports prior to the first design review.


Once the bench model is working satisfactorily the Production Drawing Set is created, each drawing being numbered according to a well established in-house numbering system. Drawing number P65C AD 02 03 00, for example, would denote that the item was the Assembly Drawing of Module 3 on Sub-Assembly 2 of Project P65 at the Production (C) stage. For each module, sub-assembly and the overall system the drawing set includes Functional, Outline, Assembly and Machining Drawings together with PCB Layouts, Test Specifications etc. Working rigidly to this system ensures that all products are properly documented and can be reproduced easily should a repeat order be received some time after the main production batch. Creation of a drawing set to this standard is a major part of the work involved in a project, but is regarded as of vital importance both by our customers and by ourselves.


Other aspects of Quality Control such as instrument calibration, stock control, inspection, etc have already been covered under Procurement, Assembly and Test. Our Quality Control is regularly monitored during important contracts by quality inspectors from our customers and also from their customers.


Upon completion all products are thoroughly tested and despatched with a Certificate of Conformance, full Test Results and Warranty. Great care is taken in packaging to ensure that items are not damaged in transit, many deliveries being made in high quality wooden packing cases manufactured in our own workshop.