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R&D Laboratory
R&D Laboratory
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Being a small company in a relatively remote location, we rely heavily on innovation to continue to win business. Maintaining an up to date and well equipped Research and Development Laboratory is crucial to our success, especially in our particular field of expertise, Ultra Low Noise Signal Sources and Sensor Systems.

Our laboratory facilities include:

* Microwave / RF Spectrum Analysis

* FFT Spectrum Analysis

* Scalar & Vector Network Analysis

* Phase Noise Measurement

* A Wide Range of Signal Sources

Almost all of our test instruments have been purchased from new and are looked after and maintained in excellent condition.

Our R & D Activities consist of both internally and externally funded work. Throughout our years of trading we have performed many customer funded research studies in a wide variety of topics in the microwave, RF and general analogue field.

The outcome of our private venture R & D may be either complete products or particular circuits and techniques which are added to our library of proven designs. Since change in the analogue, microwave and RF technology is generally somewhat slower than in other areas of electronics, it is usually possible to derive many years of benefit from such work.