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Test Gear

We have a frequent need to design and manufacture special test gear for use in our production, and are pleased to offer this service to other companies. A few examples of specially made test gear are shown below.

Photograph 1

Delay Line Discriminator Test Set for use in measuring phase noise of SLS VCO's. Two units were made, one being supplied to the customer and the other retained for our own testing.




Photograph 2

Three of these units were supplied to a customer to provide low phase noise test signals at a number of frequencies. Starting with an ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillator at 100 MHz, this is multiplied up through 200, 400 and 800 MHz to 1.0 GHz, outputs at each of these frequencies being made available to the user. The 1.0 GHz signal is then multiplied to 10 GHz in an SRD multiplier, and subsequently down-converted by mixing with the 400 MHz to give a further output at 9.6 GHz.


Photograph 3

Sub-Unit Test Sets for use in a production contract.






Photograph 4

Special Test Benches constructed for final test of a complex ultra-low phase noise microwave sub-system.